EUTC Grants

EUTC Grants

Ambien Uk Buy One of the roles of Friends Of Bedlam is to support EUTC projects, both financially and in offering the support and advice of former members now working in the arts and cultural industries.

FoB sets aside a proportion of the funds donated by former members to fund extraordinary EUTC projects or purchases – that is to say projects or purchases not covered by existing EUTC / EUSA budgets. We prefer to fund projects that provide long term benefits to the company.

Buy Zolpidem Online Uk FoB will only fund official EUTC projects that have been approved by the Company. FoB will only fund future projects – ie projects that are yet to happen. FoB will not generally completely fund a project or purchase – we will expect the EUTC or an external body to cover at least 50% of the project’s costs.

Buy Ambien Generic Any EUTC member can apply for funding from FoB. If you have any questions about making an application to the Friends of Bedlam Grant scheme then just ask!

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Email your questions to and we’ll be happy to help. TO MAKE AN APPLICATION CLICK HERE It can take two weeks or longer to approve an application, so please make your application as early as possible.