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https://www.chat-quiberon.com/2024/01/18/84aiy73b7 We are Friends of Bedlam, an alumni association for friends of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company (formerly the Edinburgh University Dramatics Society) which has, of course, been housed since the early eighties in the legendary Bedlam Theatre.


We’re an association for anyone who has ever been a member of the EUTC (or EUDS), for anyone who has ever produced or performed at the Bedlam Theatre and for anyone who wants to support student theatre in Edinburgh.


If you’re looking for current information on Bedlam Theatre and the EUTC, or Bedlam Fringe, check out their websites too.

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Get Cheap Xanax Online Our Mission


Order Xanax Online https://sieterevueltas.net/478u7w8vp We exist to:

  • Provide a network so former EUTC members can stay in touch
  • Provide a link between former members and current members of the EUTC
  • Support the EUTC and Bedlam Theatre
  • Document the history of the Society

https://serenityspaonline.com/4cg0uokk https://fireheartmusic.com/vkkmhbw21wx We do this by:

  • Running a website which includes a directory of alumni, archive of the EUTC/EUDS’s history and message board for alumni news
  • Publishing a newsletter keeping alumni up to date on the lives of former friends and colleagues, and on the EUTC’s current activities
  • Supporting the EUTC by providing a link to the expertise of alumni working in the arts

The Friends of Bedlam committee are ex-Bedlamites with full-time jobs, but who still want to help foster a Bedlam community outside our building, and online. If you can help us by submitting a photo, writing a story, or just want to re-connect with old Bedlamites, please …


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https://masterfacilitator.com/do3h4ym To get connected with Friends Of Bedlam sign up to get occasional updates from us by email here – or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Order Valium Canada If you would like to help Friends Of Bedlam to support the current generation of Bedlamites – find out how you can make one-off or recurring donations here.


https://www.prehistoricsoul.com/dwj7os79vwn Anyone who makes a recurring donation becomes a patron of the organisation and has voting rights at our Annual General Meeting each August.