EUTC Grants

EUTC Grants

Friends of Bedlam have donated funds to support EUTC production efforts over the past few years. In Spring of 2013, we financed the purchase of astro-turf for a production of All My Sons. In 2012, we sponsored a sustainable theatre development project in conjunction with The Arcola Theatre in London at the Voodoo Rooms.

If you are an EUTC Producer looking for a grant for your next Bedlam production, we accept applications through the EUTC President.

You can download the application form here, though the application must be sent to us by the President.

We look to support projects which benefit specific productions, but also serve the EUTC in the long term.

Feel free to email the committee ( with any questions you have about applying for a grant (or for other production advice!) and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.