adam_contactChair – Adam Alton

Adam was in Bedlam between 2008 and 2012. The majority of his time was spent in a variety of term time and Fringe committee roles, more than was probably healthy. He’s currently working in Edinburgh for a technology startup called Make it Social based in Edinburgh. He hopes to make it back to the arts at some point in the future.

celia-contactSecretary – Celia Dugua

Celia has just left Bedlam, and is having trouble letting go. She graduated in 2013 with a degree in Linguistics, and the prestigious Marketing Manager 2012/13 title. She spent most of her time at Bedlam doing lighting, and playing with The Improverts tech team. Celia is also the main voice of our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

chrisfWebsite – Chris Fleming

Chris was around the Bedlam between 1995 and 2000. Whilst at Bedlam he spent his time lighting shows as well as working as Theatre Manager for the Festival in 1998. He now works for Agilent Technologies helping phone networks run smoothly (or not). He has a webpage at, it may get updated from time to time…

chriscChris Cooke

Chris had various roles at the Bedlam between 1993 and 1997, including President, Theatre Manager and Marketing Manager, as well producing a few shows and helping run the FebFest festival. Having worked at the Fringe for two years via the Bedlam, he launched Edinburgh Festival magazine ThreeWeeks in 1996, out of which grew his company the UnLimited Media Group (, which he continues to co-run with fellow Bedlam alumni Caro Moses. He also occasionally blogs at

SteveFSteve Fryatt

Steve joined the EUTC in 1995; between then and 2000 he teched shows, was Front-of-House Manager in 1999/2000 and looked after the Bedlam website from its inception in 1997. Unusually amongst Bedlamites of his era he actually uses his degree in electronics, but despite that still manages to spend some of his spare time in a theatre. These days he mainly does stage management and set construction: sometimes has more information.

carolyn-contactEUTC President – Ailish George

Ailish’s favourite thing is stage managing, working on props and gore FX in particular, she spent last year as the Wardrobe Manager and enjoyed the committee bit enough to run again to become this year’s President. She stumbled into Bedlam Theatre in her first year and isn’t keen to leave so will be making the most of her time in Bedlam this year and hopes to encourage some exciting projects. In her spare time she is supposedly a 4th year Ancient History student.