Q&A with Chris Cooke

Chris CFirst up to share their Bedlam memories and let us know how things have gone since they entered the ‘real world’, our very own Chris Cooke. If you want to be a part of our regular Q&A then feel free to let us know by going here.

1. When were you at Bedlam/DramSoc and what did you do?

I was at the Bedlam from 1993 to 1997. I started off working on the FebFest new writing festival, on which I had various roles over the four years I was there. I subsequently became Theatre Manager, and then President, and then Press & Publicity Manager, a role I quickly rebranded as Marketing Manager, because rebranding is what marketing’s all about, right? I was Fringe Theatre Manager in 1995, and somewhere along the line did a little bit of show production, mainly ‘The Killing Of Sister George’ with my now business partner Caro Moses, and the ‘Mort’ extravaganza in the Pleasance Courtyard, possibly the only theatre project I’ve ever worked on that made a big fat profit.

2. What’s your lasting memory of Bedlam/DramSoc?

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In the Bedlam 2014:

The Committee Responsibility List

Chris Cooke is pretty certain he made this committee responsibilities list still hung in the Bedlam office beside the noticeboard. He was rather fond of the watermark logo circa 1995. Not sure there’s been too many FebFest queries of late.

In the Bedlam 2014:


Former theatre managers will be pleased to know that the bunch of keys is as big as ever. And you should see the size of the keys-no-one-knows-what-they-open box.